He Said/She Said

He: “Are you’re askin’ if your virtue is safe with me?”
She: Blushing, she refused to back down. The man didn’t mince words and neither would she. “Well, is it?”
He: “Safe as you want it to be,” he said finally.
                                                                                      -A Match Made in Texas

He: “I trust your…predicament didn’t cause you any inconvenience.”
She: “It did not.” She studied him. “Are you planning to use my jail time against me in court?”
He: “Should I?”
She: “A gentleman would not.”
He: “Perhaps. But a lawyer wouldn’t hesitate if he thought it would help his client.” He slanted his head. “You did say I could be as rough with you as I like. In court that is.”
She: “Yes, but only because I believed you were a gentleman.”
He: “Don’t feel bad, Miss Lockwood. I made a similar mistake in thinking that ladies didn’t end up in jail for assault. Or carry guns.”  -Left At the Altar

He: “Have you ever been kissed?”
She: Had he punched her in the stomach she wouldn’t have been more surprised. Of course, she’d been kissed, not that she went around bragging about it. “What kind of question is that?”
He: “A relevant one.”
Calico Spy

He: “I believe the lady has a few secrets of her own that she would prefer not to have known.”
She: She studied him. He couldn’t possibly know she was a Pinkerton detective. So, what did he think he had over her? She decided to call his bluff. “I have no secrets.”
He: “None?” He feigned a look of disappointment. “A woman without secrets is like a rose with fragrance.”
She: “We can now add bad poetry to your list of crimes.”
He: “And we can add evasiveness to yours.”
                                                                                      -Gunpower Tea


Clue:  Margaret’s favorite childhood book was Little Women.